Parco Casentino- The Secrets Revealed

Parco Casentino is a popular attraction for the visitors of Tuscany, Italy. This is the National Park of Casentino Forests, and it has another name called Foreste Casentinesi National park. Here you can experience the rich varieties of flora and fauna such as ungulate species, golden eagles, wolves, etc. This is a protected area and the visitors are required to make sure that they do not hamper any of its offerings. Based amid the Apennine ridge in Romagna and Toscana, the national park features charming sanctuaries of La Verna and Camaldoli, and small villages that include mule tracks and stone houses.
Taking a tour of the park, you will also experience the rich traces left by human beings over the centuries. The traces have not been abandoned; they are rather frozen by mule tracks, bridges, houses and various other abandonments. If you take a guided tour of Parco Casentino then you can learn the secrets of the civilization that used to rule in this area. The civilization was Romagna Toscana. When you go further in Toscana, you will come across a territory of sub- mountain where you can notice the landscape that has clear influence of human activities. A wood-made landscape will surely catch your attention along with the parishes, monasteries, hermitages, pastures and a lot more.
How you can visit the Parco Casentino? Well there is a network of pathways that coves 600 kilometers, and you can start your journey towards the park by taking a horseback riding, snowshoe hiking, skiing, mountain biking, or by hiking on foot, of course if you have that stamina.
Apart from the challenging hiking trails, there are several natural trails in the park along with short routes so that you can easily access the park. If you don’t want to get into the hiking experience to visit the park premises, then these short routes can be your choice. Different paths ensure that anyone can access the park and experience its offerings.
There are several other facilities in the park that includes the Forest Museum "G. Campadelli "on Campigna, the Arboretum and the Forest Museum "Siemon" Prataglia in Badia, municipality of Santa Sofia’s Botanical Garden Valbonella, etc.  Within the area coverage of Parco Carsentino you will find several parking zones that include benches, tables, drinking water facilities, etc. If you have any plan to visit Tuscany, make sure that you don’t miss Parco Carsentino.