The Multi-Faceted Attributes of the Accommodation in Tuscany

If you possess the avid desire of enjoying your holidays in Tuscany, then it would be advisable to stay in a villa apartment. The mere accommodation in villa apartment in Tuscany should be the prime concern of an individual before going out for the vacation. It is an appropriate choice for all those people who are extremely conscious regarding their budgets. Most of these apartments are much more affordable and cheaper than the farmhouses or the luxury villas.

It has been a natural tendency amongst the Tuscans to rent out their apartments with the sole purpose of supplementing their incomes. Hence, the prices are pretty contemptible and most of the owners are damn easy going people. These villa apartments further proffer with a panoramic view of the splendid natural landscapes and the Tuscan countryside which chiefly consists of the grapevines and the vineyards.

Again, if you are dwelling in some of the prominent towns of this region, such as, Florence or Pisa, you will be further provided with a wide range of apartments. Hence, the accommodation in villa apartment in Tuscany is the first and foremost choice or all the tourists. All of these apartments exclusively cater with the cream colored walls and draped flowers. The cost usually varies from one hundred USD to a few thousand during the night.


While speaking about the accommodation in villa apartment in Tuscany, the name of Casale degli Olivi always comes to our mind. It is situated in the northern plain of Lucca and is eventually surrounded by the hills. It caters with a large number of oak and olive trees convoyed with vegetables, fruit and honey. The Casale is divided into four spacious and independent apartments of diversified sizes. It proffers with some of the top notch quality of products such as, the Carrara marble bathrooms along with Jacuzzi bathtubs, wooden ceiling beams, terracotta floors etc which contributes a lot in respect of creating an elegant and sophisticated ambience.



The Guelfo, situated in the old city centre of Florence is another prominent apartment of this city. Here you will be actively provided with all the necessary equipments like- air conditioner, satellite television, independent heating, washing machine, stereo with CD player and lots of facets. Resembling with the various other villas of the countryside, here also you will be able to enjoy a panoramic view of the city of Florence in a vivacious manner.